Turning Him Over…

Posted by Webmistress on October 23, 2009

Author:  Suki.

How are you doing, honey? Ok? Can you breathe all right? It looks like you’re having a little trouble with that ball gag. Just try to calm down. Slow deep breaths. Come on, follow me, count along in your head. Breath in–one. Breathe out-two. That’s it. Keep breathing just like that. You’re doing fine. I’d love to take the gag out so you could tell me what you’re thinking. But there will be time for that later. Maybe I’ll even make you write it all down and send it to one of those tg-fiction sites so everyone can read it.

Yes darling, I will make you use your own name. I want you to be humiliated in front of everyone. I want to humiliate you just as thoroughly as you humiliated me. That’s why I’m taping this little session. I will send it to your secretary and she will type out the transcript. First I will post my side of the story and then you can post yours. Then everyone will knew what happened to you and why.

Won’t that be fun?

There, there, don’t cry. You know how hard it is for me to resist those big blue eyes of yours. They look even prettier with that black eyeliner and mascara. I never realized what long lashes you have. I think Kathy did a wonderful job on your make-up. Don’t you? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What pretty pouty lips you have. Perfect cocksucking lips. And your hair-why those extensions would fool anyone. Such a beautiful mane of blonde curls and all the way down to your ass! I should be jealous but then I know what a bitch it’s going to be to maintain. You’ll find out soon enough! You’ll soon be begging me for permission to have it bobbed but no way. I like it just like that.

I know it was embarrassing in the salon in front of all those women. It’s a little better now that its just the two of us-at least for the time being-isn’t it? I was really proud of the way you took all the teasing and laughing. But you know it was truly poetic justice. Those were the very same women who were gossiping about you’re affair months before I knew about it! You have no idea how they talk. I’m sure they’re telling their husbands about what they saw today right now! Can you imagine?

Oh by the way, wasn’t that your friend Paul’s wife I saw there today? Hmmmm…it must have been so very embarrassing having your fingernails done and your toenails painted. Those fingernail tips are so long I don’t know how you’re going to go to work tomorrow! I guess you’ll just have to use some vacation time. (Only this isn’t going to be any vacation I can tell you that.) And the waxing-ouch! I’m afraid Lana is a little heavy-handed. I think we’ll start you on a regular round of laser electrolysis next. Still I think the results were well worth it. Don’t you? You make an absolutely adorable little bondage slut.

Here, let me pull your arms up a little higher. Hurts a little doesn’t it? Well this is what you agreed to isn’t it? That’s it, up on your toes a little bit. It’s a real bitch keeping your balance in those heels isn’t it? Mmmmm…They are awfully high. What are they? Six inches, I think. I’ve never worn six-inch heels. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable they are. Still they do make your legs look sexy and I love the way your toes look all painted like that. I’m glad I went with the fishnet stockings and garter belt. It really gives you an appealingly trashy look.

Did you see they way those young salesgirls looked at your when you went to the cash register? How could you miss it? I was watching all the way from the store across the way and I could see them giggling. I know you were trying to pretend the clothes were for someone else but I don’t think you were fooling anyone. Not with your face as red as it was. About as red as that little teensy-weensy dress your wearing. Good heavens, could it be any tighter? It’s riding up your thighs and exposing the tops of your stockings you naughty girl. Why look, if you bend over just a bit, yes, just like that, I can even see your panties!

You know I really appreciate you going through with all this for me. I didn’t want to have to leave you but you know I would have had no choice. I told you that if you ever cheated on me…Oh I know you don’t love her and all that, but really, what were you ever thinking? I have to admit I was surprised and touched when you agreed to do anything I wanted to make it up to me. Anything! It never occurred to me that you loved me this much! Oh but you must! No way any man would agree to this otherwise. But tell me. Did you expect this sweetheart?

I would venture to guess that you didn’t. I hope now you have some appreciation for the pain and humiliation I suffered when I found out that you were sleeping with that girl at your office. What’s her name? Oh, no matter. I have nothing against her. It’s you I’m disappointed in. You really should have known better. You know, just thinking about it again gets me so angry. To think I trusted you. The worst part is having everyone talking about it. Do you have any idea what that’s like? Oh, I think you will soon enough.

Bend over darling. Yes, I know its difficult with your arms raised up like that but do your best.  That’s better. I think we need a bigger butt-plug. Ah…here’s one. The Black Beauty. Boy, this one must have been pretty embarrassing to buy. Especially dressed the way you are now. Oh that was really mean of me. But then again you didn’t exactly much think of my feelings when you went boffing little miss what’s-her-name did you?

Let me pull your panties down.

Yes…your ass looks so sweet framed by those garter belts. First I’ll take this plug out-only six inches but bigger than your cock. How did you ever satisfy her with that? I’ve put up with it all these years but then I loved you and was willing to put up with a lot. I’ve seen her. You remember. At the company Christmas party as I recall. She was quite attractive. There must have been a lot of guys after her. You know that’s one of the things that really irritates me. The fact, I mean, that you were obviously making a special effort to keep her interested in bed. I don’t think you’ve attempted anything like that in years with me. Feels better with the plug out doesn’t it? Well not for long sugar. Here comes the Black Beauty. You’ll thank me for this later.

Oh look at the expression on your face. Yes, later honey, I have a special surprise for you.  Now don’t go getting panicky again. Just relax. Remember to breathe. That’s it. You’re really going to have to relax for this. Believe me though, if you can take even three-quarters of this in your backside you shouldn’t have any problems tonight. Okay here it comes. Ready? Are you relaxed? That’s the main thing…to relax. I know I keep saying that, but it really is important. I know its hard, even terrifying, not to know what comes next. But that’s all part of it darling. Can you imagine how I felt when I found out about your affair? It was like a bolt out of the blue. And, as the cliche goes, it seems as if I were the last to know.

I’m sorry I’m laughing. I was just thinking that this isn’t a very good time for me to be getting angry. Not when I’m about to stuff this monstrous thing inside you! Well, not good for you, anyway. I think it’s very good for me. I’d hate to feel any misplaced compassion now. You don’t deserve it. You deserve everything that’s coming to you. Don’t you agree? I know you can’t answer but you can shake your head. Shake it harder so I can tell you really agree. Oh yes, that’s much better. And I can even hear the chain on your nipples clamps clanking. How charming! Do they hurt much or have your nipples gotten used to them by now? If you think they hurt when I put them on wait until they come off! Just a little something to look forward to honey. You have so much to look forward to before I’m through with you.

But first things first.

Let’s get Black Beauty here planted all firm and snug inside you. Now come on don’t go all tight on me again. You’re going to have to loosen up if this is going to work, love.


Yes, I know you’re trying, but trying has nothing to do with it. You’re trying too hard. Just let it happen. No, no. Don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you. Well that’s not entirely true is it? I am going to hurt you, but only the way you hurt me. I’m going to let you feel first-hand what it’s like when a girl gets fucked-and I don’t mean the way you fucked your girlfriend. I mean the way you fucked me.

I’m sorry. Am I scaring you again?

Well maybe you should be a little scared. I’ve got you just where I want to don’t I? Totally helpless. And the beautiful thing of it is that you put yourself in this position all by yourself! Open up now sweetie. Let me spread your cheeks. Ahh, that’s it. All exposed. Let me just slide it in….hurt? The first part always hurts most it’ll get a little easier I promise. You made promises to me too, remember? Promise you broke. So you’ll forgive me if I break this one. Get ready darling I’m about to shove it in. Ready or not here it comes.

One, two…


See, its not so bad is it? You kind of get used to it after awhile. Stop squirming around so much. [smack!] I said stop squirming around. That’s better. Listen you’re about halfway there. Oh I know sweetheart, only half way. Well try to think of yourself as half-full rather than half-empty. That should help. Whatever you do don’t give up now. Don’t make me force it. You think you know pain now? You don’t want me to rape you with this thing. Or do you my little slut. You certainly look ripe for raping.

Ahh…that’s better.

It’s going in nice and easy now. You’re getting the hang of this pretty quickly. I’m so proud of you honey. Here, let me pull your panties back up so we can keep everything in place. My goodness! Look at your cock! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it so hard. I hardly think its going to fit back inside your panties. My, my. That bulge is unsightly. We might as well take advantage of it.

Smile honey! Well at least as best you can around the ball gag. I know it’s difficult. At least look into the camera. Of course that’s what I meant about taking advantage of your bulge. What on heaven’s earth did you think I meant? I certainly hope you weren’t expecting that I was going to rub you off or something like that? I’m afraid that ordinary sexual relations between us are over–at least for the foreseeable future. Certainly you can understand why I wouldn’t feel like making love to you?

Oh now I’ve gone and upset you! And here I wanted to get a really pretty picture. Come on, smile. I want to get a picture of you with your cock barely concealed inside your panties. I want everyone to see how turn on you are by what I’m doing to you. I think I’ll scan them into the computer and use them to illustrate your story. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? [click]

Oh I know. What if someone at work reads your story and sees your pictures. How would you ever go back to work? That would really finish you, wouldn’t it? [click] [click].

You know you look even cuter when you’re worried. [click]

Well I guess there’s not a good chance of anyone stumbling onto your story and pictures…unless [click] unless someone should make a multiple posting to every e-mail address in your office! [click] [click] [click] [click]

That bar I took you to was really something, wasn’t it? You were a very popular girl tonight. How did it feel? Be honest. You kind of liked it didn’t you? I have to admit it was kind of exciting to see you take it in the mouth like that. You did such a good job. I’d swear you’d sucked cock before. Oh now look. I’ve gone and made you blush. Honey, there’s no need to feel ashamed. It’s natural for a girl like you to have certain…ummm….desires. I liked it best when you were kneeling in the alley by the trash bin doing that college guy and his buddies.  One after the other. They must have filled you with hot cum all the way down to your
pretty toes. God that was hot! And when the last one pulled out and creamed all over you face…

I’m sorry…I don’t mean to laugh…

You licked it all off without even being told! I knew right then you were a natural born cocksucker! You should have seen yourself scrambling around on the ground picking up the money they threw down at you. You didn’t even count it you were in such a hurry to get back into the bar. They stiffed you out of thirty bucks, you silly girl. But you didn’t even seem to care. You know, I think you’d give it away for free if it weren’t for me. You’re just a little cum-slut.

That’s why I’m trying to help you. Yes, I’m trying to help you. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but later…when its all over…you’ll look back on this and thank me. Oh I can tell you have no idea what I’m talking about. Well first things first. It’s not really necessary for you to know everything I have planned is it? I mean you still want to be with me don’t you? What? I can’t hear the chain on your nipple clamps jingle. Ah that’s better. You must realize by now that everything will have to change after tonight. We can’t go back to the way things were. No…I’m afraid that part of our life is all over. Yes, it was nice while it lasted but its you own fault that it’s finished. Oh well. Our new life together will be fun too. You’ll see. It will just take some getting used to.

Let me see…how much money did you make so far tonight? Hmmm. Nearly five hundred dollars. That should cover the rent on this room for the next month and a half. Everything else you earn above that is sheer profit. Not too bad…all considered. It was your first time out after all. In any event, don’t you ever dare come home with anything less. Do you understand me? If you don’t make at least five hundred dollars this is where you stay for the night. It is also where you’ll stay from time to time when I want the house to myself. Do you understand?

No? Oh darling think…think…. I know you’re a blonde now but its only been a couple of hours!

Anyway I want to make sure you’re working hard. I’m sorry I set your price so low but we had to test your market value. Isn’t that what you call it where you work? I think I’ve heard you use the term before. I think we can safely charge a little more from here on out without losing any clientele. Especially if we can expand our-er-variety of services. Yes darling, that’s why I’m trying to prepare your pretty little ass. You can’t stay a virgin forever. Still, you’re going to have to work hard for five hundred dollars. I know it doesn’t seem fair but how much do you think you’re worth anyway…not being a real girl?

Oh I know…I know honey. You don’t want to be a whore. But what else are you good for? Besides I want you to feel what it’s like to be used. Am I being mean? Well maybe you should have thought of that before. I just want to show you what guys are really like. What you are really like…or were…before you decided to change. I really do admire your decision. I know it wasn’t an easy one. I applaud you. [clapping]. I’m not mocking you. There aren’t many men who would do what you’re doing. It’s quite a sacrifice. I appreciate that, I really do.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be with you here now.

Yeah, this motel room is pretty ratty. And the walls are so thin. There’s no secret what’s going on next door is there? I didn’t want to say anything before but I think I saw a mouse running along the baseboard. I wish I could rent something a little more upscale but then that would cut into our profit margin. Thank you for putting that 0-ring in the ceiling. You did a good job. I’m surprised. You never were much use around the house. I hope the landlord doesn’t complain. Oh well, if he does that’s your problem.  Maybe you can make him happy.

Besides, I don’t plan to spend much time here anyway. I’ve got other things to do. You understand. There’s so many things I’ve missed out on, so many opportunities I’ve let slip by for the sake of our marriage. I think its time I took advantage of them. I think it’s time you gave a little. Oh there’s that terrified look in your eyes again. You should be okay…I guess. Just be careful who you pick up. There are a lot of dangerous men out there and in spite of everything I wouldn’t want anything really bad to happen to you. I still love you. I hope you believe that. It really is true…even if it doesn’t seem that way.

I know this isn’t what you thought it was going to be honey, but if it were, then what would be the punishment? You can still back out any time you like. You can back out right now. Just say the word and its over. I’m afraid though that if you do back out it’s over between us. That’s kind of harsh, I know, but there really isn’t any other way I can live with what you’ve done. It’s up to you, honey.

It’s your call. Do you want to go on? Oh my, you are enthusiastic! Such devotion. Till death do us part, is it then? Too bad you didn’t take our vows a little more seriously before now, huh? Oh well. I suppose it’s all for the best. You know I’ve always fantasized about doing something like this to you. How do you think I came up with the idea so quickly? Anyway, in spite of your devotion I really don’t think it’s appropriate for you to wear a wedding band anymore. It’s an insult to me and besides it may turn away business. Here, let me reach up…and slide it off…

There. No more ring.

Did you notice I took mine off weeks ago? It’s done wonders for my social life. Oh now you’ll be getting all upset again. You didn’t expect me to remain a nun did you – especially with you running around behind my back!  Ah darling, you know that in spite of everything you will always be special to me. Who else would have put himself through this just for me?

Well, I’ve got to go now. What? I can’t hear you. But yes, I’ve really got to go. I’ve got an…appointment with someone. You’d know him if I told you but I don’t want you to get upset again. No darling, I won’t tell you…yet. Maybe when things settle down a bit. But not to worry. I’m not going to leave you hanging for the night. I’ve arranged for someone to come later on. He’ll take you down…but not without taking something from you in return.

Oh! I can tell you’ve guessed what it is already. That’s why I wanted you to get used to taking that dildo in your cute little pantied ass. Oh not to worry. He’s okay. Just a guy I know. He’s perfectly harmless…I think.

Let me turn on the tv for you while you wait. What do you want to watch…sports? Hmmm…I don’t think so. You don’t look much like a sports fan tonight in your pretty red dress and matching high-heels. Besides your date should be here soon. I don’t think you have time to take in a whole game. Maybe one of those nice mushy tearjerkers on Lifetime. Oh look, here’s a rerun of thirtysomething. That’s perfect! Let me just fix your makeup a little–it’s smudged around your eyes a bit…and freshen your
lipstick…perfect…good as new…for the time being anyway.

Well, this is it I guess. Give us a little kiss. Ooops, sorry. Can’t kiss me can you sweetheart? Well then let me just give you a little peck on the cheek. Oh poor dear I can see how positively miserable you are. Well maybe there is something…oh no…you’d never agree to that…what? You really want me to say? Hmmm…I don’t know darling. It is kind of radical. Anything? You’d do anything to get back together again? You know I do believe you mean it. But you have to understand it wouldn’t be like it was
before. You do understand that?

Good. Well the thing is there are certain drugs…oh how should I put this…certain surgical procedures…I’ve been looking into it darling. You know, just in case you really wanted to get back together. They  can make you a girl, darling, well not a real girl, but pretty close. I could use a girlfriend. Someone I can trust. Someone who won’t betray me. Someone who would be devoted to me and only me for the rest of her pitiful life. Oh I see I’ve frightened you again. It seems I’m doing that a lot lately.

Well, you think it over. You think it over very carefully. It’s very expensive but I’ve already made the necessary arrangements. We can use the money you earn here after work to help pay for it. It will take a while but I think it will be well worth it. Oh don’t jump to any hasty decisions just yet. You sleep on it honey-if you get any sleep tonight that is. I want you to be absolutely sure. This is one commitment you won’t be able to break. I’ll be back tomorrow for your answer.

Goodnight, darling.

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