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I knew that I was in trouble as I walked through the front door of my apartment.  My girlfriend, Tina was standing in my living room twirling a pair of black, lacy, silky panties around one finger.  I recognized them as the ones left at my place after that one night stand fling I had with a waitress named Angie.  I had tucked them away in my shirt drawer, but had overlooked Tina’s habit of borrowing my shirts.  Tina was hot!  “Would you care to explain these, mister?” she said archly.  In a mild panic I heard myself blurt out “Uh, those are mine.”  Her eyebrows shot up.  ”What!!?”, she was almost screaming, “You fucking pervert!”  I tried to calm her down, to see how I could lie my way out of this mess, but she was suddenly all over me.  Hitting and slapping me, she screamed obscenities.  I took her by the arms and tried to sit her on the couch, but then she suddenly got very calm.  She said, “You let go of me right now you damned fairy, or I’ll tell everyone about your little hobby.”  Whoa, I was thrown for a loop.  I stepped back quickly and said “What?”.  Her voice was suddenly soft and calculating.  “That’s right.  I’ll tell everyone we know that you’re a panty-wearing fairy-boy unless you do exactly what I say.  Now strip!”

I found myself doing as she commanded.  I could see no way out.  I was about to lose my girlfriend or my social standing if I didn’t obey.  I soon found myself naked before her.  She handed me the panties.  “Let’s see what they look like on you, fairy.”  I started to protest, but her look stopped me.  Meekly, I complied.  She soon had me parading up and down.  This was getting out of hand.  She sat down on the couch and stripped her pantyhose down off her legs.  Ordering me to turn around she pulled my arms behind me and wrapped the nylon tightly around my wrists.  She spun me around to face her and gloated.  “I’ve got some big plans for you, pansy, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll behave.”  I watched as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off.  Puzzled I watched as she disappeared into my laundry, reappearing with a handkerchief and two clothespins.  “Open wide,” she said, as she wadded her panties into a ball.  This was too much.  She was starting to frighten me.  I closed my mouth tightly.  Big mistake.  Her hand shot out, grabbing me by the balls.  I opened my mouth to scream and it was quickly filled with nylon panties.  Before I could spit them out she tied the handkerchief tightly around my head, holding the panties in place and silencing my protests.

Now Tina was all business.  As I tried to free my hands and grunted into my gag she unlaced my shoes.  She tied each end of a shoelace to one of the clothespins.  She pushed me up against the wall and said, “I warned you to behave yourself.”  Then to my astonishment she clipped each of the clothespins to one of my nipples!  The pain shot through me like electricity.  Taking the shoelace in one hand she used it to guide me down the hall, pulling me by my agonized nipples.  She guided me into the bathroom and directed me into the tub.  Tina then took the second shoelace and tied it to the first.  She threw it over the shower curtain rod and hoisted me onto my tiptoes.  Then she lowered me until I was just barely flat-footed and tied off the shoelace.  She looked me hard in the eyes and said, “I’ve got to go and get some things.  You’ll be a good little sissy and stay right here, won’t you?”  I could only groan as I heard her high heels click down the hall.  The front door opened and closed again, leaving me alone in this fix.

She was gone about an hour.  It seemed like much, much longer.  At first I struggled, tugging on my wrists, but soon gave up this ridiculous effort.  I then just tried to stay as still as I could so that the strain on my poor nipples would lessen.  I tried to stand on my tiptoes but this affected my balance and I was afraid of falling.  I was happy to see Tina return… at first.

She came back into the bathroom with a number of bags.  Placing them on the floor she rooted through them until she came up with a bottle of white cream.  She squirted this cream onto my legs from the crotch down as I looked on fearfully.  She donned a pair of rubber gloves before smoothing it all over my legs and then she left the room.  The skin on my legs began to itch and then to burn.  I tried to call Tina but if she heard she ignored me.  Eventually she returned to turn on the cold water and rinse the cream from my legs.  I was relieved until I noticed that the hair was going with it!  My legs were completely hairless!  She finished by taking my razor and shaving my pubic hair into the shape of a heart.  Tina then untied the shoelace from the shower curtain rod and used it to steer me into my bedroom.

Sitting me in a chair, Tina now produced several lengths or rope from her bag of tricks and used two of them to lash my ankles to the chair legs.  Two more fastened my wrists tightly to the chair’s arms.  Then she carefully painted my toenails a bright red.  Long glamorous false fingernails were glued to my own and then painted the same bright red color.  While the polish dried she stood up and slowly removed each clothespins from my nipples.  As bad as the pain had been when she put them on me it was worse now as the blood rushed in and I screamed into my gag.  Tina then produced a camera and quickly documented my predicament.  She said that these were for blackmail purposes should I decide to misbehave.

After my nailpolish had dried, Tina untied me completely.  I thought briefly about overpowering her but she reminded me of the pictures which she had secreted before untying me.  She handed me a brand new pair of black, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and ordered me to put them on.  I did and I must confess to some excitement as the sheer nylon slid smoothly over my shaven legs.  I could see the red polish on my toenails through the nylon.  She then outfitted me with a tight waist-cincher and a padded, push-up bra.  Red high heeled shoes with an ankle-strap were put on my feet and finally she gave me a red knit dress to wear.  The dress was tight, short, and form-fitting.

Tina tied my hands together behind me, palm to palm, with a length of rope and cinched my wrist bondage with another length.  She then went for her camera and took more pictures. S he helped me to kneel on the floor then crossed and tied my ankles.  Next my elbows were pulled close together, bound and cinched.  A long piece of rope was guided around my waist and tied in front.  The two ends were pulled through my crotch, hiking up the dress I was wearing.  Tina fed the ends between my bound wrists and then back through my crotch.  She then pulled it tight, sending my panties up the crack of my ass and holding my wrists firmly against my butt.

Tina tied a rope to the cinch of my elbow bondage.  Then she ran it under my arm, around the back of my neck and under my other arm, tying the free end to the elbow cinch.  She told me that this would keep the rope from sliding down my arms.  Wonderful.  She was really into this.  She produced a small whiffle ball and fed a length of rope through it.  Then she took a pair of scissors and cut the handkerchief that held my gag in place.  I said quickly Tina-please-don’t-do-this- let-me-explain-I-MMMPPPPFFF!!!”.  Tina rammed the ball into my mouth and tied the ends of the rope behind my head.  Then, an Ace bandage was wrapped around and around my head and tied tightly in back.  I was amazed that the sounds I could now make were so muffled.  I probably could not be heard across the room.  Tina tested the effectiveness of her work by using a foot to push me over.  Wide-eyed and yelling I fell awkwardly onto my side.  Rolling me onto my stomach, Tina tied a rope to my ankle bondage.  She led it between my elbows and back to my ankles.  She then pulled and tugged until my ankles were pulled up so close to my hands that I could feel the heel of my high heeled shoe with my fingers.

Every part of me seemed to be attached to some other part and every muscle strained.  But I could only moan into my gag as Tina stood smugly and watched my ineffective struggles.  She pulled a chair close to my bound form and said quietly, “Didn’t know that Angie and I knew each other, did you?”.  I felt my eyes open wide in horror as she continued, “She’s on her way over now.  And she’s not happy at all with the way you lied to her and then dumped her after you’d gotten what you were after.  Well, I’m going to leave you two alone, I’m sure you’ve got some things to discuss.”  She watched me struggle and shake my head for a few moments before turning and walking out of the room, laughing.  My struggles reached a fever pitch as I heard the front door open and close, leaving me alone in my bondage.

I could hardly believe the fix that I was in.  Every part of me seemed to be either wrapped tight or stretched taut.  It had seemed strangely exciting when Tina was doing this to me, but now that I knew that Angie would be exacting her feminine revenge I was in a state of panic.

I kicked and struggled mightily.  I reached with my fingers to locate the knots.  I found one on the ropes around my wrists, but it was too tight to loosen.  The ropes holding my elbows close together were very tight and I soon lost feeling in my hands and fingers.  After that I could only pull on the ropes that bound me and yell into my gag.  I knew that the last was no good because the only sound I could make was a faint humming noise.

I couldn’t see a clock, but it was starting to get dark outside the window.  It was Wednesday evening, and my only comforting thought was that I would be missed in the morning.  Surely then someone would save me from these crazy women.

I heard my front door open and close.  Oh God, please let it be Tina!  But it was not to be.  Angie stood gloating and laughing at my futile struggles.  “Well, lover boy!  Not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?”  She circled my bound form as I pleaded into my gag.  I’ve wanted to get back at you for a long time she said with a sexy purr.  She knelt before me and used a sharp fingernail to force my chin up.  As I gazed fearfully into her lovely face she continued, “Now you’re going to see how the other half lives.  I’m on my way to work.  When I get off tonight Tina and I will be meeting here to continue your lessons.  But I brought you a little something.”  She produced a wig and a device that I didn t immediately recognize.  It was a mass of black leather straps with buckles, silver D-rings, and a bright red rubber ball as the centerpiece.  Angie knelt and began to loosen my gag.  As the layers fell away, my moans grew louder.  Angie stopped what she was doing, then reached over and pinched my nose shut with her thumb and first finger.  I couldn t breathe!  I began to flop around helplessly like a landed fish.  Angie released me and said, “See how easy it would be?  Not a sound, asshole.  You just behave yourself.”

Completely terrorized, I lay quietly as she removed the rest of my gag.  She then rolled me over onto my side.  With cosmetics from her purse she quickly but carefully made up my face with a foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, rouge, and a bright red lipstick.  She fitted the wig on my head and fastened it there with hairpins.  We’ll style it later she said as she picked up the leather-strap-and-ball device.  “Open your mouth.”  As I complied she pushed the ball inside my mouth.  It was large enough to force my jaws apart.  She pulled straps around below my ears to the back of my head and buckled them together tightly.  Two more straps went up along either side of my nose and joined at my forehead.  These continued up over the top of my head and were joined with the others at the rear.  Finally two smaller straps went under my chin, sinking my teeth into the ball as they were tightened.  Angie rolled me back onto my belly.  She tied yet another rope to those around my ankles.  She fed the end through a ring at the top of my head and back to my ankles.  I groaned loudly as she tightened this latest bondage, arching my back and pulling my head up and back towards my bound feet.  “Too much noise.” she said as she began to wind the bandage around my head once more.  When she finished, she unbuckled the shoes I was wearing and proposed a test of my new gag.  After removing the shoes, and admiring my polished toenails, she ran her fingernails lightly over the soles of my nyloned feet.  I responded in a useless frenzy of struggling.  I was even more helpless than before!  And my cries no louder.

Satisfied, Angie replaced my shoes and buckled the ankle straps.  As she surveyed my bound, feminized form, a cruel smile formed on her lips.  “I imagine that after eight hours like this you ll be ready for your next lesson.  You had just better pray that I don t have to work any overtime.  Bye now, you big stud.”

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