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I Should Have Known

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Author: Unknown

I should’ve known. After all this time, I should’ve known. Not that I mind. Well, not too much. And if I did, I really couldnt do anything about it anyways.

I told her I saw it in a magazine and I wondered out loud to her what it would feel like. She expressed curiousity as we talked over dinner. I should have known when she expresses curiousity that I’ll end up in trouble. Maybe its the masochist part of me thats daring her to try these things. Maybe I just never learn from the past.

It was red. And leather. And it had laces. That was enough. To her that was more than enough. I never saw the gleem in her eye as I told her about the catalog. It was an armbinder. Not your ordinary armbinder, but one that was super constrictive and sturdy enough to withstand even the most durable sessions.

I mentioned it and that was it.

Two weeks later I hear the words “I want to try this on you..”. Words I’ve heard plenty in the past. I spin around to see her holding the armbinder. I smile with the vision of the model from the magazine that was wearing it. I ponder for a second remembering how painful it looked. My ponder gives way to adventure as I spin around and hold my arms behind me. “Go ahead”, I say almost cheerfully.

“You should know better than that by now”, she says. And she’s right. Its never that easy. She fastens the leather posture collar around my neck and locks it on tight. Its followed by the leash which she’ll use to lead me to wherever I need to be to “get ready”. Tonight its the closet. She fastens the leash to a rail in the large walk in closet and starts going through different outfits, holding each one up to me as she looks at them and tries to decide. She occasionally asks my opinion though I know it bears no weight in her decision. I think she just wants to make sure I’m paying attention.

She finally settles on the latex minidress. She hangs it up on the door to the closet and starts to rummage through the lingerie drawer. This goes much more quickly and before I know it she has me out of my clothes and has me putting on the latex bra and panty set. Next is a latex garter belt and as I start to roll the sheer nylons up my leg I remember the time she had me wearing these and she surprised me taking me out for a drive around town. I remember how furious I was but looking back its turns me on so much. I wonder if it’ll always be that way. Not enjoying the moment, but enjoying the memory. She hands me a pair of 6″ patent leather heels with the locking strap. I’m slightly relieved knowing that she cant “surprise” me and take me out in public this time because I cant walk very far in these shoes. Along with the relief I do feel a slight feeling of disappointment and I try to make a mental note to tell her this later on.

Once I have the shoes on I teeter forward and back and cant help but laugh. As soon as I start dressing her mood changes and she slowly changes into the evil Mistress that I love. The more I’m transformed into the sometimes willing sub, the more she goes into the opposite direction. I smile to myself knowing that we are the perfect pair and that few people would put up with the others fetishes and moods.

With a little help the latex dress goes over my head and is zipped up the back as I hear the “click” of the tiny padlock which informs me that this dress isn’t coming off without someone elses help. Her finger caress my shoulders and body and I hear her purr as I try to keep my balance.

I again put my arms behind me ready for the binder. Again I’m told “not yet”. She takes the leash and leads me over to the makup table. I try my best to walk in the heels and I notice her lack of patience as I sit down. She sits on my lap and I’m pretty sure she can feel my erection through the latex. She puts all sorts of shadows and liners on me and finishes it with heavy lipstick and gloss. I look in the mirror and pucker up and blow her a kiss, amazed at how well she can transform me. She smiles and replies with a slap to the face, leaving a stinging handprint. “You should know better than that slave”, she yells at me, almost in a voice I dont recognize. But I do recognize it. I recognize it too well. She’s becoming the evil Mistress. And as the makeup is applied, all inhibitions are shed from her.

She jerks on the leash as a signal for me to get to my feet. She leads me back towards the center of the room and stops. I try to keep my balance as she laughs to herself. She pulls down hard on the leash which is my que to kneel. With my head at her abdomen she lifts her skirt and grabs the back of my head and forces my painted face into her very moist crotch. Suddenly I feel the sting of her crop on my back indicating I need to lick harder and faster. With her fingers grabbing my hair and head pulling me for all she’s worth, she continues the beating on my back. After several minutes and me trying to catch my breath, she pulls away, allowing me to  fall to the floor in a sudden loss of balance. Before I can recover she’s sitting on my back and has the handcuffs fastened on my wrists behind my back.

“But I thought..” “WHACK!” her hands again leaves a lasting imprint on the side of my face. “You aren’t here to think!”, she yells back. While I try to get my hands comfortable with the cuffs, she grabs my head and pulls the leather hood on over it. I fight some, but I know its useless. She laughs and retorts “Go ahead, fight, you know how that excites me even more”. I feel her lacing up the back of the hood as I again try to get comfortable.

While still sitting on my back she takes the blindfold and straps it very tight over the eye holes on the hood. I grunt slightly, as she knows I love to watch her. I think about asking her something, but realize that I’d better not. At least not yet.

“Dont move a muscle”, is all she says as she lifts herself off of me and walks into the next room. All I feel is the darkness and the wonder and think of how long its been since she’s been in this wicked of a mood. And I try to think whether I like it or not.

I hear her return and feel the cuffs being removed, but before I can stretch I feel the leather armbinder being forced up my arms. I hear her grunt trying to force the binder on as far as it will go. She’s always been disappointed with the fact my elbows dont touch together and I keep promising her that I’ll work on that. Right now I wish I had.

She methodically and slowly starts to tighten each and every buckle on the binder. There are plenty more than I remember from the ad and with each one I feel it become tighter and tighter and force my arms further and further together.

I try to move my arms slightly, but they’ve become one behind me. Next I feel her lacing the eyelets and tightening as she goes, much like putting on a well made corset. With each pull of the laces the binder again becomes tighter. I feel my arms as they seem to be getting pulled from the sockets. I decide that now it a good time to protest and start to tell her. She responds quickly, as if reading my mind, with a penis gag that has to be almost 4″ long. I gag slightly before getting used to it as I feel her pull it tight behind my head and strap it into place. She grabs both sides of my head with her hands and says in my ear “I dont want another sound, got that?!?”

I panic some, as she’s never been this way. We’ve always taken care to try to make sure the other person was okay. And with that she returns to lacing up the binder as my arms get forced closer and closer together.

As she gets to the top eyelets, I can feel her wrapping the laces around something and then I feel a wide belt tightened around the entire binder, then another one. I hear the faint sound of a lock clicking and all of a sudden I remember reading the ad and it said the binder could be locked on. I also remember thinking, “What in the world for? Its not like someone could remove it themself anyway”, and all this does is start me panicking again wondering what she has in mind where the binder would need to be locked.

All sorts of ideas start going through my head. “Are we going out like this?” “Is someone else coming over?” The ideas are short lived as the pain in my shoulders becomes quite evident.

I try to struggle some, but find no point as nothing moves from my waist up. I’m also very aware of the gag in my mouth and the penis that I can’t expedite.

I feel her wrapping something around my upper thighs. I picture them as being wide belts that we had specially made to adjust to any size. She tightens it some, but not too tight. She continues this with several more belts down my legs. Right above the knees, right below the knees and at the ankles. Once she has fastened them all, she goes back and using her knee for leverage tightens each one to full force, digging them deep into my flesh. My legs now become one, much like my arms.

My panicking increases, realizing that she must have snapped or someone else is here and doing this. I try to move around and signal to her to stop. All I can do is grunt as I hear her laugh and whisper in my ear “You dont know what youre in for slave”, in a somewhat appealing and scary voice.

She bends my feet up and with a short leather strap fastens my ankles to a ring on the end of the arm binder, effectively hogtying me and causing incredible pain in my arms, shoulders and legs. I grunt loudly into the gag which does a pretty good job of containing all sound.

I’m left alone with my thoughts for what seems an eternity as I try to listen to see what she’s up to. I thought I heard her on the phone, but it could have been my mind playing tricks on me. I try to get comfortable, but thats impossible as well.

Suddenly I feel a heel in my side as she presses her foot deep into my skin. I try to wiggle away from the pain but cant move. Next her mouth is on my neck. Biting.  Hard. Too hard. I feel her biting deep into my neck and with her hand shes digging her nails deep into my shoulder on the other side. I want to shout to her to stop. I want to be free so I can hold her. I want her to continue and do it harder. All at once. My mind is nothing but clutter and rational thought doesnt belong to me anymore. My thoughts drift everywher as the pain seers into me. I feel drops of blood starting to trickle down my shoulder as I hear her laugh, satisfied for now.

Her tongue is on the wounds, licking the blood. The salt from her mouth stings, but nothing compared to the pain I’m feeling everywhere else.

Suddenly the blindfold is removed and my view is that of boots. As my eyes pan up to her, she looks almost 10 feet tall from here. She has on the sexiest pair of thigh high, lace up boots that I’ve ever seen,complete with a 5″ heel on each boot. I also notice that she has on a matching latex minidress, which fits every curve of her body, much better than it fits me and I find myself somewhat jealous of how good she looks in the same outfit.

Her gloves are leather and her face made up perfectly, revealing the most wicked smile, as well as a slight trickle of blood which must have come from my wounds. Her tongue licks the blood from her lips, almost teasingly, inviting me to try to break free and  capture it.

I struggle, I groan. The struggling excite her. She again puts her heel into my side and pushes. My groan, again muffled by the gag, is her indication to stop, yet in doing so she accomplishes what she set out to do and its another small victory.

“So, my sweet helpless slave who wants me to push his limits…Do your limits feel pushed yet?”, she asks sarcastically.

I try to nod “Yes”. I try to shout that she’s gone way too far and I dont think I can take anymore.

“Well my love”, she leans down and puts her lips on my wounds and sinks her teeth into them while again digging her blood red nails deep into my flesh, once again causing a small trail of blood to flow out, “I’m going out. I’m not sure for how long. But, do you think I’ll have trouble finding a date dressed like this?”

I shake my head “NO!” trying to beg her not to go.

“No? You dont think I’ll have trouble? Me neither. And lets see…what should I do with this date once I have him? Should I capture him and bring him home to play with you? Or what if its a her? What if I brought her here and made love to her while you were forced to listen from the next room. All wrapped up in your lovely binder. Would you like that, slave?”

Again I shake my head “No!”.

“Well, we’ll see, wont we. On second thought, *WE* wont see anything..” as she leans down and refastens the blindfold, “but I’ll make sure you can hear anything that might happen.” She takes my completely bound body and with amazing ease slides it under the bed with me on my side. So now even if I could wriggle some, I couldnt move or roll at all with the bed  preventing me from doing so.

I try to test the bonds and realize its useless. I’m hers. For as long as she wants. I feel her sit on the bed and bounce up and down slightly as the very bottom of the bed brushes against my side.

“Oh, yes! This will do just fine”, I hear her say as I realize that if she in fact does bring home someone to make love to, I’ll be able to feel each and every movement if they’re on the bed.

“I may see you soon my precious slave”, she says and then I hear nothing else. I’m only left to my thoughts and to wonder.

I should’ve known. I really should’ve known.