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Fashion Show

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Author: I.R. Nixon

“Just a few more minutes and it will be done, Sharon.”, Cathy said as she removed the last of the heated rollers.  She let them cool a few minutes then she started the combout routine.  In no time she had a complete style.

“There, what do you think, Sharon?”

“It’s darling, so chic and feminine, so bold, you are terrific!”

“Funny you big brother does not seem to appreciate it.”

Roger, Sharon’s 24 year-old brother seemed on the verge of tears as he looked at his feminized tresses in the mirror.  He still could not believe it had happened.  Twenty minutes ago he was giving his sister a hard time about her leaving the bathroom such a mess.  He was being his usual bullyboy-asshole self when Cathy told him to apologize.

“Shut-up bitch!” he had yelled.

Cathy said nothing she went into the bathroom and plugged in the hot rollers and waited.  In a few minutes they indicated they were heated.  She went back to the room and told Roger he must apologize to both of them now, knowing full well he wouldn’t.

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“No I’m not.” she said and gave him a moderate slap across the face.

“Do that one more time and I’ll deck your ass.”

Smaack! this time it was harder.

That did it for Roger.  He swung a moderate right hook into her abdomen.  He was amazed she did not even flinch and her stomach as rock-hard muscle.  She only smiled.  In horror Roger realized he had not been effective.  He landed a second punch to no results.

“You call those punches child?”, Cathy taunted as she doubled him over with a punch of her own.  She then spun around and gave a knee to the buttocks area sending him to the floor.  She walked over grabbed his hair and yanked him to his feet.  She then placed him in a painful hammer lock and marched him to the bathroom.  She made him kneel in from of the counter and proceeded set his hair.  She then used a light mist of setting lotion and used a blow dryer to accelerate the process.  Roger’s humiliation was complete.  He had been forcefully feminized in front of his own sister in less than twenty minutes by a teenage girl.

“Now Sharon these curls will only last until he washes his hair again.  So Roger are you going to be a good girl and use these hot rollers everyday or am I going to have to come over and do it for you?”

Roger did not respond.

“Roger, I asked you a question.”

“I’ll do it.”, he spat out.

“You’ll do what! Roger girl?”

“I’ll use the hot rollers everyday.”

“Like a good little lady?”

“Like a good little lady.”, he mumbled with tears running down his face.

“Good, now for those apologies.”

“I’m sorry I gave you a hard time about the bathroom and I’m sorry I called you a bitch Cathy.”

“That’s better.  Now Roger I want you to kiss the muscles that did this to you.”, teased Cathy as she shoved her 17″ bicep in front of him.  He responded by kissing the huge muscle.  Cathy could feel the warm tears
steaming down his face.  She repeated this with the other arm.  Roger was now sobbing uncontrollably.

Sharon’s giggling had evolved into laughter.  They both departed the room.  Sharon and Cathy were both now working for Carolyn at her specialized dress shop.  The shop was one of a large chain owned by Carolyn.  A week ago Carolyn had paid Cathy to teach her son David a lesson.  The result of which was David finding himself involuntarily modeling a rather ladylike gown in front of the entire shop.  Dave was a
cunning lad and wound up with a huge settlement from his mother to drop a lawsuit.  When David left Carolyn hired Cathy.  Sharon was very helpful to Cathy.  However, Sharon had a brother that had an attitude problem and Cathy offered to “change is mind about the proper way to treat a lady”.  Sharon accepted and Roger had just gotten his first, and hopefully last, lesson on respect.

When they were out of earshot Cathy cautioned Sharon, “Only make he uses them for a week or so.  Most guys will figure out that they can use them for their advantage after that and then you’ll never get them back or they will be all messed when you do.  Besides this, it loses its effect in a few days.”

“Okay, I bet his attitude is changed.  He was sobbing like a baby just a few seconds ago.  Huh! Mr. Tough Guy, Macho Man, getting his ass whooped and feminized.”

“Let’s hope he learned his lesson, if not we start with the hair and work our way down.  When were done with the pedicure we start going for public outings.  Usually it only takes then one or two lessons to know when to give up.

“Have you made any plans for your two brothers.  They seemed a little cocky after they conned you.”, asked Sharon.

“Matter of fact I do, but I’m going to need your help.”

“Anything you want.  After today you’re number one in my book.”

The two girls then started to conspire.  Sharon smiled an evil smile and said, “You know it just might work.  In fact I bet we can get Carolyn to agree, she has a score to settle with her son and bet she can think of a way to get even.”

The next morning Cathy had already started her revenge on her brother Ted.  During the night she had snuck into his room and tied his hands and feet to the bed.  When he awoke and realized his plight he was angry.  Cathy entered the room and casually stated that she was going to make the rest of him match the new perm.

“Oh come on Cathy you can’t still be mad over that.  Look the only reason it worked is because you wanted to see us humiliated.  Of course we took advantage of that, just as that guy Dave took advantage of his mother.”, Dave explained, not sure what was next.

“You cost me a hundred bucks so I’m going to get a hundred bucks of amusement out of you.  Besides you should feel lucky what your brother is going to get is going to be a hell of lot worse.”

With that she started methodically apply a bright red polish to his toe nails.  He wiggled his feet.  Cathy stretched a wire coat hanger to form a two wire paddle.  Two good swipes on the bottom of Ted’s foot and the wiggling ceased.  Next she proceeded to give his finger nails the same treatment.  Ted was getting madder as she casually feminized him making a few remarks about his status.  She then proceeded to do his hair.  Her mothers curling iron seemed to fill the bill perfectly.  Ted’s perm helped to provide the body necessary for a soft womanly style.  Next she applied his make-up.  Ted was white-hot angry by now.  When she was finished she giggled at his new look and then made him look in the mirror at himself.  She then untied his hands leaving him to free himself.  Cathy went to living room to read the paper.  In a few minutes Ted had managed to untie his ankles and left his room in nearly an uncontrolled rage.  Had Ted simply clean himself up and let it go he would have been better off but he did not.  He ran into the living room in a rage.

He grabbed by her blouse and slammed her to the wall.  “Look bitch you’re gonna pay for this.” he screamed in heated anger.

“I already did pay for it.” she giggled.

“That’s not what I mean.  You gonna pay through your hide.”

“Oh Teddy girl, a woman is never scarred of a pussy-boy who wears lipstick.  Especially when she’s the one making him wear it.” she taunted.

His rage was now uncontrollable and her calm patronizing was making it worse.  ”This is what I mean paying through your hide.”, he blurted as he drew back his right hand.  He through a punch and was horrified when Cathy placed up her hand and grabbed his punch stopping it inches from her face, she followed this with a knee to the groin causing Ted to double over.  She then placed both of his arms in a double hammerlock.  She bent him over an end table and applied firm upward pressure.  In a few seconds Ted was begging for her to let go.  She continued her upward pressure for nearly two more minutes.  Ted was now sobbing and begging forgiveness all to no avail.  She then dropped his right arm leaving it to hang limp and useless by his side.  She stood him up and grabbed his butt digging her nails in firmly.  Ted’s feet hardly touched the floor as she moved him into her room.  She released him.  She then went to her dresser and remove a bra and panties.  Seeing his arms were nearly useless she strapped the bra around his chest and placed the panties on one leg at a time.  She sensed his anger had turned to cold fear as he quivered.  She then took a bright yellow and orange sundress and slid it on him.

“Okay, pussyboy her are your instructions for the day.  I got one coat of polish on your nails, you will bring that to nine coats of color and two coats of clear.  I think you can remember that.  We are having a fashion show tonight at the store and I told them you will be glad to do some modeling for them.  There will be about seventy to eighty women there so you had better look sharp.  Monica will be here to get you about four.  If you want to go out before then fine just don’t remove your makeup or change you hair.”

Ted stood speechless and in shock.  He looked in the mirror and was horrified.  He could almost pass for a girl.  The thought of parading around in front of a bunch of women dressed this way was unbearable.

“Oh! one more thing,” Cathy stated flexing her biceps in front of Ted, “Kiss the muscles that did this to you.”

Ted grudgingly obliged.  Cathy then left amused that her brother was in such a befuddled state.  She had used his anger to get the best of him and he was paying dearly.  John was in for an even worse fate.

Around noon John arrived at the store.  Cathy had told him that a lady was interested in buying his ‘vette and was willing to pay top dollar for it.  He was suppose to meet the lady there at noon.  John was interested in selling his ‘vette.  He had purchased it when he was making big bucks in construction but now that he was attending school and needed the cash.  When the lady did not show John started to leave.

“Sorry, John I guess she just forgot or something.  Sharon and I both remember her saying she would be back at noon.”

“That’s right. I’m positive it was noon.”

“Oh, well,” John replied.

“Hey Sonic Waves looks great.” Sharon replied as she gave John a hug.

John started towards the door.

Carolyn Langston looked at John and yelled. “You!  You mister stop right there.”

She walked over to him and reached into his pocket and remove a gold broach.  She confronted him with it.

“Do you have a receipt for this??, she demanded.

“What somebody put that there. What would I be doing with it?”

“Should I call Mall security?”

“No I have a better plan let’s call the police. This way to my office.”  Inside the office Carolyn made him stand in front of her desk.  She then called Sharon into the office.  “Sharon do you know this man??”

“Well, yes he’s Cathy’s brother John.  It all fits.  She slipped to him when they were talking.  You know Cathy was picked up for car theft last year.”

“No!  No!  She borrowed my car without telling me she was using it.  I mean I had told her she could drive it generally, but she did not ask me that particular time.  I knew she had it but wanted to teach her a lesson.”

“Oh!  We’re school teachers now are we?” Carolyn asked sarcastically.  ”I don’t think Cathy would steal though and she is his brother.  I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.  Tonight were having a fashion show and I’ll be needing models.  If you will model formal wear tonight for me, I’ll forget about this whole incident.  If not well this item is worth over $300.00 and that is serious business and the police would have to be notified.”

“Okay I’ll do it.  I’ve done this before.  When my pal got married the place where we rented the tuxes gave them to us for free if we posed for some photo’s.  I know what to do.”

Carolyn smiled at Sharon and then told Sharon.  “Take him to Debbie’s office and she will make sure he is ready.  The show is at five and we have a lot of work to do.”

Sharon escorted John to Debbie’s office.  Once inside he Sharon introduced him to Debbie who looked at him and told him to be seated.  Sharon left.

“Okay, John lets see what we can do with you by showtime.  Here is what I am looking at right now.  Runway practice in about an hour.  You’ll need that since you have never done that before.  Then we can have your prep at four-thiry and you’ll be ready by five.  I can call my team in here now and have a look at you.”

She dialed the phone and said “Alice, Debbie could you come into my office.”  A short while later Alice arrived.  She immediately looked at John and walked over to him.  Debbie pointed to John and Alice held is face in her hands and nodded.  “Okay, I don’t see any problems.  The lights will be heavy tonight so I’ll use some theatric makeup and the I can work with the hair.  That’s the new “Sonic Wave”, which is really nothing but a women’s perm with a fancy name.  That’s the latest rage though, for guys.  The nice thing is that they can really hold style.”

“Great!” replied Debbie, “Would you send Marlene in please. I’m afraid we’re going to need foundation work though.”

“Foundation work? What’s that?”, asked John.

“You’ll see?” replied Debbie.

When Marlene arrived John was surprised by her appearance.  She was a large women with a short haircut.  She was very curt when she told John to stand up.  She starred at his body and grunted in a German accent, “I can get ze waist down vith za metal lined cincher and the upper part I can work with.  I ze no problem here.”

“Perhaps a little help on top zust before show.” she giggled menacingly.

“Good, I thought this might be a problem. But I see you can do your miracles.”

“Okay were down to the clothes.  Marlene send in the wardrobe people with his clothes for tonight.  I want to look at them and see if we need to change the selection.”

John was amused when he saw three girls enter carrying formal dresses.  He was certain there had been a mixup.  They looked like wedding gowns he thought.  He saw no fewer than five of them.  Debbie studied them for nearly a minute or so.  John smiled wondering when Debbie was going to send them back for the right ones.

“They’ll do nicely, thank-you.”

John wondered in disbelief.  He then told Debbie, “There must be a screw-up here.  I’m here to model the tuxes.”

The three girls started laughing.  Debbie looked at John and stated nearly laughing herself, “John we don’t have a men’s department.  There are no tuxes to model.  What you see before you is what you are going to be wearing at five o’clock.  So if you don’t want to spend the night the next five years in jail you had better resign yourself to this.  Don’t worry when we get done with you can easily pass for a female model.  And one more thing your name is now Joni with an i.”

She stood up showed off her designer slacks and teased John, “Only one of us is going to wearing pants at five o’clock and it is not going to be me.  Princess.”

All four females in the room started to giggle and laugh.  They then left carrying the garments with them.  John sat their in shock.  He knew he was doomed.  His blood started to run cold.  He was already beginning to feel humilated and nothing had been done to him yet.  For the next four hours his world was going to pure hell.

“How’s your brother doing?, Cathy inquired of Sharon.

“You really put the fear of the devil in him. He has been a perfect gentleman around me.”

“No, I mean with his hairdo.”

“Well it took him a awhile to figure out he could wash it out, and I don’t think he’s ever going to ask you to do it again.”

“Has he been rolling it everyday?”

“No, but I’m not concerned about that.”

“Well I am. If he thinks he can get away this he will be back to his old self in a few weeks.  Get him down here for the show tonight.”

“You mean he’s going to be modeling.”

“Sure he has to learn to follow instructions too.”

“I’ll call him right away.  I’ll think of some reason to get him here and when he is here you can have him.”

Ted was still recovering at home.  He had never gotten such an ass-kicking in his life.  He was not sure what to do.  He finally decided he had better go along with Cathy.  He then started applying the polish to his nail.  It would be nearly four before he would be finished.

Carolyn was busy checking the guest list for the evenings events.  There would be the seventy-four women from all of her stores there.  The event was being catered.  In addition there were to be twenty-two “Men of Distinction”.  She decided to view the show area one more time in her final preparations.  When she entered she noticed John was practicing with Debbie on the runway walk.  She could not help but think how much fun it would be to watch him walking down the runway tonight.  He deserved it though for what he had done to his sister.  Having her arrested in front of her friends.

“Roger I spilled coffee on my dress at work.  Go to my closet and bring my blue dress to the shop.”  Sharon ordered.

“I’m busy right now. Get someone else.” he replied.

“Oh!  Alright I’ll have Cathy come by and get it.  You remember Cathy the one who gave you all those nice hairstyling tips.  She really enjoyed herself that day.  I’m sure she would like to meet you again.”

“I’ll be there in under five minuetes.” he answered, mortal fear was reflected in his voice.

“Good.” she returned the phone to its cradle and laughed to herself.  He was really going to be shocked when he got here.

John had returned to Debbie’s office when Monica entered.  She noticed him and placed some files on the desk.  “You’re Cathy’s brother aren’t you?”

“Yes I am why?”

“Oh I heard Carolyn is starting to use you as a new model.”

“Well I was forced into it.  But it is just for tonight.”

“Let me see if I can guess what happened.  Carolyn caught you shoplifting and threatened to call the police.  She then offered to let you off the hook if you agreed to model “formalwear”.  You thought she meant men’s formalwear and agreed but found out too late it would be women’s formal wear.  So now you are an hour away from your walk down the runaway in an evening gown Right?”

“How did you know?”

“That is how most of the “girls” got started.  And in case your wondering it is not just for tonight.  She normally keeps her models for at least a year.  Sometimes they end up working in one of her stores afterwards.  Did you see a girl with bright red hair when you entered?”

“Yes, nice set of…. uh nice looking.”

“Her name was Alan eight months ago.  Are you starting to get the picture?”

Fear shot through John’s body.  What kind of people are these people transforming men into women for amusement.  He would have to get out of this somehow and take his chances on the law.

Monica continued, “Your hair is already grown and curled.  That really makes it bad.  I mean normally it takes a several months for the hair to grow out and they delay the surgery until it is.  But in you case I would imagine they could do the surgery in probably three or four weeks.”


“Why John haven’t you noticed that boy’s and girl’s have different plumbing?  You have something you don’t need and they will replace it with something more appropriate to your attire tonight.  Carolyn found a
place in Mexico that does it no questions asked.  They specialize in shall we say “non-volunteers.”

“Jesus, how do I get out of this?”

“You have only one chance.  After they have you prepped they’ll put you in the “holding pen” until they bring in you gowns.  If you give me your car keys we can make good an escape.  I’ll bring you some clothes to wear and we can get away.”

“Good what do I do with my jeans and shirt?”

“Forget them, your hair and makeup will be done, your nails will be done.  You are going to look like a woman from the neck-up and the wrists down, plus you gonna a have at least 34 inch C boobs.  They will
probably just pad them tonight.  If they are going to inject them though with Xofon-4 they won’t do that until right before they gown you.  So your clothes won’t work.  I’ll have something for you though.”

“Xofon-4?  Inject?”

“Yes, they’ll put you in a chest harness and draw your skin together.  Then Marlene will inject you with Xofon-4 to give you some temporary cleavage.  It only works for about two hours though.  That is why they
like to pad you at first.”

“How long do they think I’m going to wear this stuff anyway.”

“Well it depends if Brownlee picks you or not.”


“Yes he’s Carolyn’s banking friend and very important for the business.  He likes to shall we say be serviced by boys in dresses.  If he decides he wants you then you may be like this for several hours.  However, you will get nicely rewarded.”

This was John’s worst nightmare.  He had no idea about this part of the culture.  He had no choice.  He had no intentions of being doomed to a life of feminity.  He was already becoming a nervous wreck.

“Cathy, would you call Mary over at The New Place Salon.  She needs to talk to you right away.”


“Mary what’s up?” Cathy asked into the phone.

“I got this teenaged shithead over here that is not cooperating.  His mother is one of my top clients and she wants him permed.  Maybe you can help.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Mary always took good care of Cathy’s hair and never charged her.  Cathy repaid by sometimes serving as a “bouncer” of sorts for Mary.  She also enjoyed doing this.

“I am not getting my hair curled, is that clear?  So forget it!,” the teenager seated at Mary’s station stated in unequivocal terms.

“Well Billy, this is Cathy.  She can give you the perm if you like or I can.  However, Cathy’s perms look more appropriate on little girls.  So it is up to you.”

Cathy stepped in front of the station and flexed her 17″ biceps in a menacing pose and snarled.  That was enough.  Billy capitulated instantly and meekly said, “Mary I want you.”

“To do what, Billy?”

He knew he was beat and meekly answered, “To give me a perm.”

Several women in the salon who had been watching this saga began to smile, giggle and laugh out loud, further increasing Billy’s humilation.

Cathy, smiled at Mary and left.

When Cathy returned to the shop Roger was arriving with Sharon’s dress.  Inside the shop Roger took the dress to Sharon in the rear of the shop.  As he was leaving he found himself face-to-face with Cathy.  He reacted in horror.

“Sweet Roger you forgot to use your hot rollers today.  Why don’t we go back here and talk?”

Cathy took Roger to one of the prep rooms being used in the show.  Roger followed not wanting to cross Cathy.  There was no doubt in either one’s mind who was the boss.  Roger was beginning to dread this.

“Now Roger I am going to make this real short and sweet.  You did not follow my instructions and curl you hair like you were told to do.  So tonight you are going to be modeling women’s evening gowns in front of about a hundred people.  There will be some ladies arriving in a few minutes to get you prepared.  You will cooperate with them fully or I will take over and we know what that means.  So you be a nice little girl and cooperate with them and maybe I’ll let you wear pants after it is all over.”

Then three ladies entered the prep room and told Roger to be seated.  They began work immediately on his hair and make-up.  Roger did exactly as he was told.  Thirty minutes later Roger was fully coiffed, his makeup was perfect.  He was wearing a bra and panties with nylons and garters.  He had been fitted with heals that were uncomfortable but wearable.  Cathy entered and pushed him towards the mirror.  He could hardly stand to look at the person in the mirror.  If he did not know better he would have thought he was looking at a woman.

“You see girls, Roger didn’t plan to be here.  But he failed to follow my instructions so he is being punished for that.  I bet he won’t forget next time. Roger I want you to thank the girls who made you look so pretty.”

Roger hung his head in shame and humiliation as he thanked the women who had just feminized him.  Cathy then made him kiss her biceps in front of the giggling women.  Roger did not even want to think about what he would be doing in front of a hundred women.

Shortly before four Sharon arrived to pick up Ted.  He was still dressed in his sundress makeup and hair.  She placed him in her car and drove to the shop.  She showed some pity by taking him to the back entrance.  She took him to another prep room where he received the same treatment as Roger.

In another prep room John was getting a skinout prepartion.  His mind was still racing trying to figure out his escape.  He hoped Monica would come through if not he was prepared to do something.  He had peeked at the personnel files and saw that Monica was correct several of the female employee’s had started out as males.  Worse he found in his file he was scheduled to “travel to Mexico” in ten days.  Finally, he was finished and could not believe he was seeing himself in the mirror.

Next they were all moved to the “holding pen” a small area near the stage.  They would be receiving their gowns in about ten minutes.  They all looked at each other in amazment.  Here were three men who had been totally feminized by a sixteen year old girl and there was nothing they could do about it.  The collective embarassment was nearly unbearable.  Even worse they were going to have publically display her dominance of them to a hundred people on stage.  John knew it might even be worse than this.

Just then Monica burst into the room.  She was excited and told them to get moving fast.

“Hurry you guys…girls whatever we only got a few minutes and Marlene is planning to inject you tonight.  Worse she is going to be using Hyfervac.  So unless you guys want a huge set of jugs for the next six
weeks you better follow me.”

All of them made a hasty departure.  They ran down a small corridor to an aluminum door that took them down a long corridor.  The sight was hilarious.  Three men running behind one woman.  The three men outfitted in heels, nylons, bras, and panties.  Only the hair and makeup saved them from being identified as men.  When they arrived at the end of the corridor they found the door locked.  Monica motioned and they ran back the other way turning into the main mall area and racing across it.  Monica managed to lead them around the mall in the braed and pantied state for about fifteen minutes before she got them to the parking lot.  She then lead them the full length of the parking lot to her car.

The men still in fear they took off in Monica’s convertible.  She pretended they were being followed and led them on a merry chase all over town for nearly an hour.  Finally, they arrived at Monica’s apartment.  She walked them by the crowded pool area and upstairs.  Once inside she gave them skirts and blouses to put on and told them to remain.  They would go to Ted and John’s place in about an hour then leave.

Back at the shop Carolyn, Sharon, Cathy, and the entire prep team were rolling on the floor watching the mall’s video tape.  Seeing the three clad in lingerie scurrying around a crowed mall was absolutely the funniest thing they had ever seen.  The evening had already been a success at the show and now this.  Around eight they left for Cathy’s place.  When they arrived they opened some wine and started to celebrate.

The group left Cathy’s place and headed for the Greenbriar’s.  She opened the door and signaled for them to enter.  Inside they were surprised to find Carolyn, Cathy, Mary and Sharon.  Mary was showing them pictures of Billy’s new perm.  The women applauded and the showed them the mall videos.  They were relishing their triumph and the males could hardly take it.

“Monica those fake personnel files were brilliant.  John you didn’t want to take your trip to Mexico?”

“And Debbie did a great job as model coordinator.  Send in the foundation people.”

They laughed uproariously as they recounted the day’s adventure.  As Mary was leaving Cathy mentioned to John and Ted that Mary would be doing their hair from now on and the Sonic Waves would be giving way to “sissy curls” of Cathy’s choosing.  Finally, the girls decided to release their prey.

“You know,” Carolyn spoke, “You guys were such pathetic pushovers that you were actually to sissified to wear those gowns.  We turned you into yesterday’s women who are totally subservient.  Modern women don’t allow themselves to be pushed around.  Hell any woman that could be dominated by a teenage girl is pathetic.  Get some balls you guys.”

The males retreated in shame and humiliation.  A short while later they returned.  They were dressed as males now.  They might as well stayed in women’s clothing for they knew how the women now viewed them.

“Well girls I’ve got to hand it to you.  You had your way with us and we deserved it.  In fact to honor you for your accomplishments I am going to serve that champagne Dad’s been hiding downstairs.”

There was no champagne downstairs.  What happened was that Roger had left via the back door purchased a bottle and returned in about a half hour.  Ted then poured everyone a glass and all started to drink it.  An hour later all the women were passed out cold.  When the last one dozed off. R oger motioned and all four were carried to Carolyn’s Mercedes.

At four in the morning Officer Richard Holton discovered a parked Mercedes on Park Point road.  He went to inspect and could not believe his eyes.  Four nude women, two in the front two in the back, all passed out drunk.  Empty wine bottles, dildo’s and vibrators were found on the floor along with several lesbian magazines.  He called for backup and then the paddy wagon.  When they awakened they scampered to find their clothes which reeked heavily of wine.  They were taken to jail and booked on drunkeness charges.  Around six they were allowed to call for bail.  When Roger, Ted,and John arrived they told them they would have to wait until seven to be released.  Finally they were released.

“You gals must have really hung one on after you left.  And what is all that stuff in your car.  Just how much did you gals drink?  What was all that stuff in your car.  We know you spilled a lot but how much did you drink? asked John.

“We can’t remember, in fact we can’t even remember leaving.”

Roger added, “Look you gals are lucky that cops’ a friend of mine, he is not going to press charges since he could not determine who was driving.  He gave me all you stuff back too.”

Roger then open the sack and emptied on the hood of the car.  He then started asking someone to identify the various sexual objects.  For twenty minutes he continued with this questioning.  The women started turning red and were humilated when he asked “Whose dildo is this?”  ”Who’s vibrator.” etc.  They had no choice after all twenty items went unclaimed Roger returned them to the sack.  John then drove the women home in Carolyn’s car while Ted and Roger went to Ted’s house.

“Roger that drug worked great.  Did the pictures come out okay?”

“Sure did.  I took them to an all night photo place.  You know it suddenly dawned on me that Cathy didn’t really do much to us.  Everything that had happened, we really did to ourselves.  I mean we let our anger get out of control making us easy pickings for Cathy she just channeled it to her advantage.  If we would have stayed calm, she would have had to be the aggressor and that means we only had to defend ourselves.  Instead we charged like raging bulls and she just capitalized on it.  Then we were too fearfull of her that we did everything she said.  If we would have refused again she would have had to come after us.  That makes a big difference.  John on the other hand was trapped by Carolyn and he deserved it.  He pulled a shitty trick on Cathy and her revenge was justified.” Roger reasoned.

“You are right.  We let our anger and fear control us.  Cathy just used it.  Hell even if we got our ass kicked a few times she would eventually have grown tired of it and abandoned the effort.  However, those photos will be a real revenge if they bother us again.”